Washtenaw ID Project Website Redesign

[January/2015 – April/2015]

Working alongside a small team of information architects and UX designers, I was tasked with helping to redesign and build a non-profit’s website using the WordPress CMS, and migrating their content with a pending release of the final product to the public.

The Washtenaw ID Project was an initiative led by Synod Community Services and Washtenaw County that sought to create a Washtenaw County ID for those individuals unable to get access to either a State or Federal ID. The project wanted to help website users navigate the complicated set of requirements needed to obtain an ID. Through the course of several design jams, team members designed wireframes, personas and site interaction maps to guide the design process, which wanted to take into account that many users would be using their mobile devices to access information.

WordPress was chosen as a platform because of relative ease of use for Synod Community Service members looking to update the website in the future.

Below is a sketch design of our ongoing process: