Exploring The Marvel Universe

[March/2014 – May/2014]

This project was an exploration of the Marvel Universe using the Marvel API, and my motivation was to extrapolate the connections between characters and their appearances in Marvel comics, series, events and stories. I thought it would be interesting for comic fans to be able to visualize how their favorite characters overlap and interact within this framework. Four questions I wanted to answer with my dataset were: 1) which group of characters have appeared in the most comics books within the Marvel Universe: X-Men or Avengers and how do they overlap, it at all, 2) in the X-Men universe, can a comparison be made between ‘Good’ (i.e. Professor X) and ‘Evil’ (i.e Magneto) characters based on the stories within the Marvel Universe they have appeared in, 3) which character or characters has appeared in the most individual series of comics, 4) what were the top 5 events within the Marvel Universe that had the most impact on characters (i.e, which one had the most characters involved).

I manipulated the API using the python programming language and created visualizations with R using RStudio. Due to the volume of comics and characters, the visualizations made it tough to extrapolate sufficient answers to some of original questions, but it was cool none the less. You may find my code for this project here.