Visualizing World Maternal and Child Health Stats and US Aid


Health is a major issue that exists throughout the world and where the United States dishes out aid to developing countries can be quantified in many ways. In particular, for this project, I wanted to make a point to focus on maternal and child health. It was my intention to see if there was a relation or correlation between the amounts of US financial aid given to countries throughout the world, developing or otherwise, and compare it with figures/data maternal and child health. It was my hope that through analysis of the data available, some kind of visualization could be created that would point to trends and commonalities with the datasets that would be eventually parsed. The main goal and main question was whether countries that received more US aid were positively impacted in conducting reliable and effective programs for maternal and child health, if that was even an answerable or quantifiable question, and I used two separate datasets to determine this.

Due to insufficient data, I was unable to fully quantify or answer my original question and motivation. I do believe that value exists in the two datasets I used, and that given other parameters, a sufficient analysis can be conducted in the future. You may find my code for this project, as well as the two data sets here.