Suggestions for Improvement in Communication for Law Library 

I worked with a team to identify issues with communication practices for a local law library and made recommendations for future practice within the client organization. The client wanted us to analyze their communication practices, including, but not limited to, the communication of policies and procedures throughout their five branches.  We gathered data through interviews, and conducted interpretation sessions, and created models of their communication flow, and an affinity wall to visualize this analysis. These processes, and our findings can be found in an anonymized version of our report here.


Virtual ArchivesSpace Instance

I worked with a team to create a virtual ArchivesSpace repository using a real world sample of EAD, MARC, and CSV records, while conducting an evaluation of the system and writing a report based on our results.


Visualizing World Maternal and Child Health Stats and US Aid

Manipulated two datasets, a comma separated value file from the World Bank and the API for Utilized python in order to process and visualize the correlation between US Aid with maternal and child health statistics, pointing to trends and commonalities with the data that was available. My final project files can be found here.


Exploring The Marvel Universe

[March/2014 – April/2014]
Manipulated the Marvel API in python to create tab-separated datasets representing Marvel characters and their events, comics, series and stories appearances within the Marvel Universe. Used RStudio and the R programming languages to explore these datasets, creating several visualizations for analysis.


“Do Not Shine Bright” Web Application

A semester long term project where I developed an application in small chunks and deployed using the Google App Engine development framework. The application was made using Python, HTML/CSS, javascript, sessions, some jquery, static and template folders, as well as base extensions through the course of its development. The final project can be found here.


Washtenaw ID Project Website Redesign

Working alongside a small team of information architects and UX designers, I was tasked with helping to redesign and build a non-profit’s website using the WordPress CMS, and migrating their content and releasing that result to the public for use.